Circumstances throughout time have required that women rise above their fears, falls, health crises, losses, anxieties, traumas, doubts, perceptions, and a litany of conditions which, in that moment, might challenge their human resolve. To be STRONGER THAN has been the internal and external drive necessary for women to face and endure obstacles beyond personal, historical, familial, transitional, and vast domains for over 400 years and beyond – still standing, whether in name or legacy known or unknown.

Embracing the 2022 National Women’s History Month theme as selected by the National Women’s History Alliance (Providing Healing, Promoting Hope), the 400 YAAHC commemorated the resilience and optimism of women spanning from 1619 to today.

Assisted by our National Chair, Grammy Award winner Coré Cotton and a committee of other distinguished public figures, we engaged over 400 women in key outreach and organizing efforts along with National Park Service Underground Railroad Network to Freedom members across the country in places like Charlotte NC, Los Angeles CA, Houston TX, Washington DC, Chicago IL, Kansas City MO, Wichita KS, and Pine Bluff/Little Rock AK.

We convened virtually on March 10, 2022, marking the 200th anniversary of the birth and the strength of Harriet Tubman with the campaign’s national summit. The campaign offered virtual snapshots of diverse women today and in history who were able to meet and overcome insurmountable obstacles and unknown capacities to emerge STRONGER THAN.

Screen the STRONGER THAN documentary above, and enjoy and learn about women who have inspired history and “her stories.” Hear from Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie, 117th elected and consecrated bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church representing the first woman appointed to the office in the church’s 200 year history. Witness the premiere release of the campaign anthem, Stronger Than, written by and featuring Coré Cotton. We also salute Betty Soskin, recently retired National Park Service Ranger at 100 years of age, our STRONGER THAN Woman of the Year.