Salute to Black History

From the escape of Ona “Oney” Judge from her enslaver, George Washington, on May 21, 1796, to the eloquence of Amanda Gorman, Inaugural Poet for President Joseph R. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, we have stories to tell. The brilliance, tenacity, and resilience of African Americans have shone through during our 400-plus-year journey. Our light still shines. Click here to see more.

Celebrate Black Achievement, Yet Remember the Challenges

Being Black in America comes with complications embedded in American history. From the first major documented slave ship arriving on the Virginia shore in 1619 to the lynching of teenagers like 14-year-old Emmett Till in 1955 Mississippi to “the talk” that Dr. Yohuru Williams said many African Americans have had to have with their own children regarding racism and police brutality in the nation, he calls home. Click here to see more.

The brave, forgotten Kansas lunch counter sit-in that helped change America

On a beautiful Saturday morning in July 1958, 19-year-old Carol Parks unexpectedly started a movement. She parked her yellow Chevrolet in downtown Wichita and walked through the revolving door of Dockum Drug Store. She took a seat at the lunch counter and ordered a Coca-Cola. She did this, she said, “as if I’d been doing it all my life.” Click here to see more.

SPS Commerce Black History Month Celebration

To kick off our Black History Month celebration, SPS Commerce invited Founding Director of the University of St. Thomas’ Racial Justice Initiative, Dr. Yohuru Williams, back to lead an interactive educational session with our employees. Click here to see more.