Films from the 400

From Non-violence to No Violence A New Film from the 400

How do Pastors reduce violence in Pine Bluff, AR Schools? With their presence. Pastors on Patrol brings pastors of different denominations together under the leadership of Rev. Jesse Turner. They walk the halls of middle and high schools in Pine Bluff and establish relationships with students as well as teachers. Rev. Turner also directs the Pen or Pencil program in Pine Bluff, that was founded by the National Alliance of Faith and Justice. Pen stands for Penitentiary and Pencil stands for Education. The Pen or Pencil program is a mentoring program that teaches young people about their history, which in turn empowers them to realize their worth and ultimately reduces violence amongst each other and emphasizes the importance of their education. View the full film here.

Nurses A History of Caring

The coronavirus proved to be one of the deadliest pandemics in history. It also proved to bring out the best of those working on the front line. In hospitals around the world, the unheralded profession of nursing was lifted up and in honor of National Nurses Day, the 400 Years of African American History Commission salutes these unsung heroes. View the full film here.

Elevating the Black Wall Street Mindset: A 2020 Vision of Black Economic Empowerment (2021)

Writing a New History in Black, White, and In Color (2021)

STEMulating Freedom and the Future (2022)

History Matters Episode 1: Fort Monroe (2021)

History Matters Episode 2: Nicodemus KS (2021)

History Matters, Episode 3: STEMulating History and the Future (2022)