Justice Sunday 2024


Justice Sunday heightens awareness of the need for service and strengthening commitments to defend democracy and equality. Diverse faith leaders, government officials from all levels, community representatives, youth voices, musical guests, and others convene in tribute to Dr. King’s legacy, reminding us that the road to justice may be long and rocky, but our steadfast commitment to community service moves us along the way.

First observed over 20 years ago by the National Alliance of Faith and Justice (NAFJ), Justice Sunday mobilized individuals and groups in collaborative community service. In recent years, COVID intervened, hampering the ability to gather for in-person community service. Undaunted, the 400YAAHC created an on-demand, 12-hour virtual platform to breathe new life into Justice Sunday and once again inspire community service efforts throughout the land.

Watch the program below, with descriptions of each hour’s content!

Justice Sunday 2024

Justice Sunday features special guest host Clifton Davis. Davis is an actor, singer, songwriter, Ordained Baptist minister, and author, most noted for his work on Broadway, his television roles on That’s My Mama, Amen, and Madam Secretary, and the hit song he wrote for the Jackson 5, “Never Can Say Goodbye.” Other guests include Isaac Newton Farris, nephew of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Morehouse graduate, and current Senior Fellow at the King Center. Born into a family of change-makers, Farris brings a unique perspective to many of today’s challenges. In addition, Dr. Stephon Ferguson, an eloquent speaker, will pay tribute to Dr. King’s powerful, penetrating oratory.

“On this occasion, we pay tribute to the vocation and selfless service of Dr. King and countless volunteers, while emphasizing his and our ongoing pursuit of justice, equality, and unity. Cultivating a space for African Americans to engage with the history of the leaders that preceded us is of the utmost importance. Justice Sunday is an opportunity for us to reflect, reaffirm, and remember our charge on this earth.”
– 400 YAAHC Executive Director Ms. Addie Richburg

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