400 Years of African American History Commission

The 400 Years of African-American History Commission develops and facilitates activities throughout the United States, commemorating the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Africans in the English colonies at Point Comfort, Virginia in 1619. We recognize and highlight the resilience and contributions of African Americans from that seminal moment forward, while simultaneously acknowledging the painful impact of slavery, racial discrimination, and racism on our Nation.

The 400 Hour New Episode Monday, May 29, 7pm EST

In this special program, we honor some of the contributions of African American fallen heroes whose stories have gone untold and uncelebrated for far too long. From the Civil War to Desert Storm.  Even though they weren’t always recognized as full citizens, people of color have fought and died for this country and the freedoms that this democracy promises.  Interviews include the descendants and advocates of some of those Fallen Heroes; Evelyn Byrd, great, great, great niece of the only Medal of Honor Recipient from Harford County during the Civil War, Alfred B. Hilton; Michael Stewart, son of Capt. Samuel Stewart, who was killed in Vietnam during the TET Offensive; and Ret. Army Col. Edna Cummings, advocate for the 6888, better known as the Six Triple Eight, the all black female unit who served in WWII and the three women who lost their lives in Normandy.
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The 400 is committed to highlighting the contributions made by African Americans throughout history and today in medicine, the arts, politics, sports, science, and business. Our films and social media bring out stories you might not know, even about names you might recognize. Follow us @400YAAHC! 

Our programs range from virtual celebrations, to conferences, to focus groups and discussions about issues facing the African American community. From Juneteenth to Justice Sunday, we’ve got you covered with fascinating programs that’ll keep you coming back.

A major contribution from the 400 is the ability to recognize leaders in the community, and we do that both through our 400 Distinguished awards and our grant programs with partners like the National Alliance of Faith and Justice and the National Park Service.  

Watch the documentary film about I Fear 4 My Life, a campaign from the 400 Commission that looks at what can be done to remove fear from both community and law enforcement.

400 Years of African American History Commission

Check out “Stories to Tell,” a new project supported by the 400 through the Writing a New History grants!

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400 Years of African American History Commission